What You Can Do To Maintain Your Commercial Flat Roofing

If you're responsible for maintaining commercial flat roofing, it's important to understand the things that threaten your roof and shorten its life. Flat roofs need regular checks and maintenance. Even though you'll have a roofing contractor check your roof regularly, you'll still want your maintenance crew to check the roof often so signs of trouble can be spotted and repaired. Here are some maintenance steps to take.

Check The Roof After A Storm 

Storms can be hard on roofs, so it's always good to check your flat roof for damage after a storm. Hail and strong winds can damage new roofing as well as an old roof, so you'll want to look for signs of damage, such as cracks from hail and roofing that has been lifted by the wind. If you see any damage, call a roofing contractor to have repairs made as soon as possible.

Maintain A Log Of Regular Roof Checks

You may want your crew to check the roof on a set maintenance schedule even if all they do is take a quick look around. Establish a checklist so your crew knows what to look for. They can also keep a log of dates they checked the roof and the condition the roof was in. This could be important information to have on hand if you ever need to use your warranty.

If your flat roof has membrane roofing, it's important to check seams for gaps. All types of roofing should be checked for punctures, cracks, and other types of damage. Your crew may not be able to make repairs since that might void the warranty, so you'll want to call a commercial roofer for repairs when needed.

Keep The Roof Clean

One of the disadvantages of flat roofing is that branches and other debris can't just roll off the roof. Instead, debris will build up if your crew doesn't work to keep the roof clean. Leaves can be a problem if you have a one-story building that's surrounded by trees.

Leaves can clog drains and gutters. They get stuck on the roof and create dams that keep rain from draining properly. Other types of debris may get blown around the roof and scrape the roof or rip apart a seam. That's why it's important to clean the roof regularly.

Keep Walking Mats On The Roof

If your roofer didn't install walking mats when your flat roof was installed, you might want them added later. Mats give your crew and other contractors a path to walk on to reduce the risk of punctures and rips due to foot traffic. You may also want mats placed around HVAC equipment and other places on the roof where contractors may need to work.